A Fully Customizable, Commercial Skid Mounted Reverse Osmosis Solution

Based on our popular Defender Series, the Defender XL is a commercial skid-mounted reverse osmosis solution that combines three important principles - Efficiency, Reliability, and Longevity into one fully customizable plug-and-play system. To ensure maximum productivity and efficiency, each Defender XL is custom engineered based on specific site needs and feed water chemistry. This ensures that every one of our reverse osmosis systems is a successful water treatment and management solution. Every Defender XL commercial ro unit is manufactured here at US Water Systems HQ, and undergoes extensive testing for both performance and leaks, ensuring that the skid-mounted reverse osmosis system will arrive in perfect working condition.

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Standard 8000 GPD - 16000 GPD - Upgradable To Higher GPD

Easy Plug & Play

Plug & Play System Come Pre-Plumbed And Wired for easy installation


Ultra-Efficient RO Membranes - Up To 99% Rejection Rate With 80% Recovery

Custom Engineered

Built For Your Needs - A True 5:1 Water Treatment Solution for you

300 Series Stainless Steel

Membrane Housings & Pump for ensured longevity, and the best performance

Built To Last

Rugged Hand Welded & Powder-Coated Steel Skid Frame

Skid Mount - Right Side